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Frequently Asked Questions

STATEMENT: One of our customers pointed out to us that while we mentioned that the Watershot® PRO iP7 and iP7 Plus were compatible with the Apple iPhone® 8 and 8 Plus, in the BLOG and FAQ, that this critical information wasn't included in the Product Landing Pages and may be confusing for our customers.

RESOLUTION: This customers thoughtful email prompted us to add an additional description to the Product Landing Pages and the FEATURES Tab for Watershot®  PRO iP7 and Watershot®  PRO iP7 Plus.  This critical compatibility information is now included on both the non-KIT and the KIT version for each model and color of Watershot®  PRO iP7 and iP7 Plus Camera Housing.

  • (ALSO COMPATIBLE WITH iPhone® 8 Plus)

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Watershot® 2018 Summer-Sunset Labor Day Sales Event is ON!

Question: Why is there $99.00 pricing on the landing page for all of the Colors for the Watershot® PRO iP7 PLUS Dual Lens Camera Housing Collection?

Answer: The software displays the lowest listed price $99.00 on the Collections Page. When you click on the particular color you want you will see the actual sale price.

The price range for Watershot® PRO iP7 PLUS Dual Lens Camera Housing is $99.00 - $129.00 and is based on the Color Inventory available.

Watershot® PRO iP7 PLUS Dual Lens OCTOPUS INK, SNORKEL BLUE and LIMPET SHELL are $99.00 each

Watershot® PRO iP7 PLUS Dual Lens SUNFISH YELLOW, GARIBALDI and RED SNAPPER are $129.00 each.

Thanks to all of your for your emails and calls. This information is also posted on the Watershot BLOG page.

Question: I've read and heard that the Watershot® PRO ISR™ Bluetooth® Pistol Grip  will be released within the next few weeks.  Can we get some idea of what the set-up procedure is                                                                                                                        

Answer: The Watershot® PRO ISR™ Bluetooth® Pistol Grip  has received final Bluetooth®, FCC and CE Certification. This critical testing was completed to provide customers with the best possible experience. Get a jump on how to set-up this exciting new addition to the Watershot® family of waterproof iPhone® imaging products by familiarizing yourself with our third draft of the Set-Up Procedures is listed below. 

Learn how to Pair your Apple iPhone® with your Watershot® PRO ISR™ Bluetooth® Pistol Grip. Easily manage and control electronic still and video water imaging at the tip of your finger.

  1. Activate the Watershot® PRO ISR™ Bluetooth® Pistol Grip by pressing the circular Black Activation Button on the right side of the Pistol Grip 3 times within 1 second for 1 Hour activation. Press & Hold the Black Activation Button 5 seconds for 4 Hour activation. The Status LED indicator on the rear of the Pistol Grip will begin flashing YELLOW indicating that the Bluetooth® signal is broadcasting for pairing with your iPhone®.
  • If no pairing has occurred within approximately 1 minute the Bluetooth® Module will auto-shutoff. Pressing the Black Activation Button once will wake-up the Bluetooth® broadcasting signal and reinitialize it to the previously selected 1 Hour or 4 Hour activation time interval.
    1. On your iPhone® go to Settings > Bluetooth and place the Bluetooth® Slide Switch ON. Remain on this screen until you complete all of the steps to pair the Watershot ® Pistol Grip with your iPhone®.
    1. Place your iPhone® in discover mode and wait for Watershot® Pistol Grip to appear on your iPhone®. If you don’t see it or aren’t sure how to make it discover-able, check the instructions, FAQ and BLOG or reach out to us at www.watershot.com
    1. To pair the Watershot® PRO ISR™ Bluetooth® Pistol Grip tap Watershot® Pistol Grip when it appears on your iPhone®.
    1. Once successfully paired the Status LED indicator on the rear of the Pistol Grip will begin flashing BLUE.
    1. Exit Settings and go to Camera on your iPhone®.
    1. With the Native iPhone® Camera App open, confirm the Watershot® Pistol Grip pairing by momentarily pressing the Trigger Button on the Watershot® PRO ISR Bluetooth® Pistol Grip and take a single shot. LED Flashing BLUE changes to a single LED GREEN flash with each push of the Trigger Button.
    • Depending on which activation was selected in Step 1, If the Pistol Grip Trigger Button has not been used within approximately 1 Hour or 4 Hours after pairing, the Bluetooth® Module will auto-shutoff. Pressing the Black Activation Button will reinitialize the Bluetooth® signal and the Bluetooth® Module will automatically re-pair with the iPhone® 
      1. For Burst Imaging push and hold the Trigger Button. Status LED Flashes GREEN continuously as long as the Trigger Button is pressed. Once the Trigger Button is released the LED Flashes BLUE continuously, Paired and Ready for Use.
      1. With VIDEO Mode selected to START and STOP Video Recording momentarily push the Trigger Button once. 
      • Video Record START single GREEN LED Flash and then the LED  Flashes BLUE continuously while Recording.
      • Video Record STOP  / single GREEN LED Flash and then the LED  Flashes BLUE continuously, indicating Paired and Ready for Use.
      1. The CR2032 Coin-cell Battery located in the Bluetooth® Module of the Watershot® PRO ISR™ Bluetooth® Pistol Grip has an expected life of 60 hours continuous use or ~ 300,000 (Three-Hundred-Thousand) shots. Your actual battery life may vary depending on temperature, storage, maintenance and use.
      1. The CR2032 Coin-cell Battery can be easily replaced by following the instructions on page XX of this User Guide.
      1. Watershot also has complete Bluetooth® Modules available as a replacement at www.watershot.com under the Maintenance Tab.
      1. When mated directly to the Watershot® PRO or SPLASH Camera Housing, Bluetooth® pairing will function underwater to the Pistol Grips full depth rating of 60m/195ft* (Watershot® PRO Camera Housings are rated to 60m/195ft and Watershot® SPLASH Camera Housings are rated to 10m/33ft). *Actual performance may vary based on actual aquatic environmental conditions.
      1. The LED Status Light displays four Colors:
        1. Flashing YELLOW – Activated
        2. Flashing BLUE – Paired and Ready for Use (or RECORDING)
        3. Flashing GREEN – Trigger Button Pressed
        4. Flashing RED – Low Power < 30 minutes remaining
      Question: I've read and heard that you can shoot an In-Air image with a Wet-Lens. What exactly does that mean
      Answer: If you're using any of the Watershot® PRO 0.35X Super Domes try these steps from Anthony for a 'Spotless, Wet-Lens' imaging experience.


      1. With a Super Dome on a sealed and closed Camera Housing run warm water.
      2. Put a few drops of dish-washing liquid, such as DAWN on the Dome Port.
      3. Using your finger tips, under the running warm water, gently massage the dish-washing liquid onto the Dome Port to remove any surface contamination.
      4. After washed and thoroughly rinsed, pat dry the Super Dome with a clean cotton cloth (DO NOT use a circular polishing movement to dry the Dome Port).  
      5.  After the Super Dome is washed and dried you want to spit on the surface of the Port to get some saliva on it. Using only your fingertips, spread the saliva so it completely covers the surface of the Super Dome.
      6. Place the rig in a hot dry location and allow the saliva to bake dry.  
      7. Exercise extreme caution if you are exposing the Dome Port, Camera Housing and iPhone® to direct sunlight. Temperatures can rise rapidly inside a closed Camera Housing and cause damage to the Camera Housing materials and the iPhone® .
      8. Dome Port images are shot wet, meaning there is a thin layer of water on the surface of the Dome Port that you shoot through which allows spotless, streak free imaging.
      9. When you initially enter the water you may need to lick the surface of the Dome Port, after it's dunked half-a-dozen times, to smooth over any saliva that may have dried a bit unevenly. You're now ready for imaging with a wet lens, in air, while in the water.
      Question: What is the correct named location, on the iPhone®, of the Front Camera, Rear Camera(s), and the Camera and iPhone® model identification for Single Lens, Dual Lens, Selfies and FaceTime.                                                                  
      Answer: The Camera traditionally used to take images with your iPhone® is referred to as the REAR Camera, located on the back or rear of the iPhone®. The Camera traditionally used for Selfies and FaceTime is referred to as the FRONT Camera, located on the front or face of the iPhone®. iPhone® 4,5,6,6 Plus 7 and 8 are SINGLE LENS. These have 1 REAR Camera and 1 FRONT Camera. iPhone® 7 Plus, 8 Plus and X are all DUAL LENS and have 2 REAR Cameras and 1 FRONT Camera. 


      Question: Do I need to have a SIM CARD in the iPhone® if I want to dedicate and use an iPhone® in the Watershot® PRO or SPLASH for taking pictures?

      Answer:  No. The SIM CARD exists to provide service between your iPhone® and your Cell Phone Service Provider.  The SIM CARD has nothing to do with the performance of the Camera function, Internet connection (if you have a WIFI signal) or i Messaging.

      Question: Will the Watershot PRO ISR Bluetooth Pistol Grip be available in colors?

      Answer:  Of course. The textured Santoprene Grip Area will be available in Watershot's Six Color Palette: Limpet Shell, Sunfish, Garibaldi, Marlin Blue, Octopus Ink and Red Snapper. Compatible with all Watershot® PRO & SPLASH.  Pairs with Apple iPhone®  4, 5, 6, 6 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and X when used with the native iPhone® Camera App.

      Question: What is included in a Kit; what is a Standard Lens Port, a Wide Angle Lens Port and and what the heck is a Super Dome?

      Answer:  We received a thoughtful email from Matt D. this morning.  As a result we are adding links in the body of the product description on the Camera Housing and Accessory Product Pages.  These links will take you directly to those items in the product description so you can point & click your way to see and read more about that particular item without having to 'drill-around'.

      Question: Does Watershot or will Watershot® make any Android Smart Phone Camera Housings  Would Watershot recommend a Camera Housing for Android

      Answer:  Never say never, but the sales results of Watershot's® Samsung Galaxy® 3 and 4 were miserably disappointing. Watershot's® first venture into the Android market, even though we delivered a premium product, was a fail. What we learned is two fold. 1. the ecosystem that Apple Computer Inc.® created is unparalleled and 2. the Apple iPhone® user (culture) is our customer.  Watershot® has no recommendations for Android Camera Housings.

      Question: In the BLOG and on the Product Pages I keep seeing SINGLE-LENS and DUAL-LENS - say what...

      Answer: Dual-Lens was first introduced with the Apple iPhone® 7 Plus. This quite simply means that this iPhone®  has two separate Camera Lenses. Prior to iPhone® 7 Plus all iPhone® were Single-Lens. In order to meet our customers expectations that the Watershot® PRO would allow the use of the phenomenal new camera capabilities of the newest generation of iPhone® Camera Lenses, beginning with iPhone® 7, we developed brand new optics. Beginning with iPhone® 7 Plus we developed the first indexing Lens Port Baffle System for the Dual-Lens camera boss on the iPhone 7 Plus®. When purchasing auxiliary Lens Ports its extremely important to be absolutely certain that you make the correct selection based on both the iPhone® you have and the Watershot®  PRO Camera Housing that you are using. iPhone® Single Lens: 4/5/6/6 Plus/SE and 7. iPhone® Dual-Lens: 7 Plus/8 Plus and X.

      Question: In the BLOG about the Lens Ports I keep seeing EFL - Effective Focal Length and FOV - Field Of View what do these abbreviations mean and why is it important to me

      Answer: The Apple iPhone®  has a Multi element Camera Lens and a Sensor that enable digital image capture or 'photos'.  As a matter of standardization in imaging, the benchmark is comparison of the Apple iPhone® Camera with a 35mm SLR (Single Lens Reflex) Film - Camera or DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) Digital - Camera Lens. What we come up with is EFL or Equivalent Focal Length. The Dual Camera Lens on iPhone® Plus, 8 Plus and iPhone X have an EFL of 28mm for the Wide Angle Lens and 56mm for the Standard or "Telephoto" Lens. If you select 1X or 28mm and attach Watershot's 0.35X Wide Angle or 0.35X Super Dome Lens Port, that 28mm EFL Lens now becomes a 10mm EFL Lens with a stunning 122 degree x 155 degree FOV (field of view) with no vignette corner to corner.  When shooting water images the key is a lens with a wide field of view and to "push -in" up-close to your subject. Capture all of your subject and all of the surrounding background keeping it all in-focus ... Watershot®  

      Question: I have a Watershot coupon or discount code but there is no place to input at checkout.  What am I doing wrong

      Answer: There are no official Watershot® sanctioned coupon or discount codes of any kind. www.watershot.com is the only official source for the latest product information.

      Question: I see the Watershot® ISR Bluetooth® Pistol Grip Product Page on your website showing SOLD OUT what is the expected shipment date 

      Answer: The Watershot® ISR Bluetooth® Pistol Grip requires the additional step of electronic engineering to mimic the single shot and burst modes of the Apple iPhone®. We want to meet our customers expectation that the Pistol Grip will mimic the iPhone's shutter button exactly the same as the iPhone® Photo App when paired with the iPhone®. Watershot® has also taken the time to become a registered member of the Bluetooth® SIG which means our Pistol Grip will meet Bluetooth® Certification CE and FCC standards.  A reasonable expectation would be for the Watershot® ISR Pistol Grip to become available is now early 2018.

      Question: What is the approximate comparable Effective Focal Length of the new Watershot 0.35X Wide Angle Lens Ports for the Dual-Lens and Single Lens iPhone

      Answer: 10mm - or in other words, Super Wide with no vignette corner to corner.

      • Optical Grade Glass Lens Elements
        • 3 Elements in 3 Groups
        • Multi-layer Anti-reflection + Hydrophobic Coating
        • Magnification - 0.35X
        • Minimum Focal Distance - 10mm
        • Field of View - 122°  Horizontal
        • Field of View - 155°  Diagonal

      Question: I see Watershot PRO iPX on your website but I don't see any Product Pages. What is the deal

      Answer: Apple iPhone® X has a few challenges for Watershot.  So better to spend some extra time in development to get it exactly right the first time on the first iPhone with no HOME.

      Question: I see Watershot® PRO iP8 Plus Dual-Lens on your website and the Product Pages all show SOLD OUT. What is the ding dang deal

      Answer: Apple iPhone® 8 Plus Dual-Lens shares the same dimensional footprint with Apple iPhone® 7 Plus Dual-Lens. We're making some changes to the Rear Housing Section for Watershot® PRO iP8 Plus Dual-Lens and expect to have the development completed late this year.

      Question: Will the iPhone® 8 Plus Dual-Lens fit in the Watershot PRO Housing for the iPhone 7 Plus Dual-Lens

      Answer: Yes, the Watershot® PRO Housing for the iPhone 7 Plus Dual-Lens will  work with the iPhone 8 Plus Dual-Lens. Watershot is currently working on iPhone 8 Plus Dual-Lens. 

      Question: I see Watershot® PRO iP8 on your website and the Product Pages all show SOLD OUT. What is the deal

      Answer: Apple iPhone® 8 shares the same dimensional footprint with Apple iPhone 7. We're making some changes to the Rear Housing Section for Watershot PRO iP8 and expect to have the development done late this year.

      Question: Will the iPhone® 8 fit in the Watershot PRO Housing for iPhone 7

      Answer: Yes, the Watershot® PRO Housing for the iPhone 7 will work with the iPhone 8. Watershot is currently working on iPhone 8.. 

      Question: Will the iPhone® 7 or iPhone® 7 Plus fit in the Watershot® PRO Housing for the iPhone® 6 or the Watershot® PRO Housing for the iPhone® 6 Plus.

      Answer: No, the Watershot® PRO Housing for the iPhone® 6 will not work with the iPhone® 7, nor will the Watershot® PRO Housing for the iPhone 6 Plus work for iPhone® 7 Plus. 

      Question: What is the difference between the Watershot® PRO Housing and the Watershot® PRO Housing Kit? 

      Answer: The difference between the Pro Housing and the PRO Housing Kit is that the PRO Housing comes with the Standard or Flat Port Lens and the PRO Housing Kit comes with the Standard or Flat Port Lens and the 0.39X or 0.35X Wide Angle Lens. Both Housings also include Desiccant Packs and a Wrist Lanyard.

      Question: What is the difference between the Watershot SPLASH Housing and the Watershot® PRO Housing?

      Answer: Watershot® Splash Housing - The Splash is our entry level Housing that is good up to 33 feet deep. The Splash was designed for snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, boating, and any other water contact up to 33 feet deep. You use the touchscreen on the Housing to interact with your phone, so you can use any App you want with this Housing including Snapchat, Twitter Periscope, and Facetime. The Splash Housing comes with both the Flat Port Lens and a Wide Angle Lens.
      Watershot® Pro Housing for iPhone 6(s) or 6(s) Plus - The Watershot® PRO is designed for Scuba Diving, and can go to a depth of 195 ft. The PRO Housing has buttons on the outside of the Housing that you push to interact with your phone. You can use the Apple Camera App, or the Watershot® App with the Pro Housing. You have the option of buying the Pro Housing or the Pro Housing Kit. The Pro Housing comes with the Flat Port Lens, and the Pro Housing Kit comes with the Flat Port Lens AND the Wide Angle Lens.
      Question: I live in                       . can you ship my order here? How long will it take?

      Answer: The cost and time of shipping would all depend on the shipping method you chose during checkout on the website. You will be shown the different options during checkout, before you are asked for payment information. There is also an order processing time of 1-3 business days for Watershot®. So as a friendly reminder you cannot order over the weekend and expect same day, next day, second day or drone delivery.

      Question: I have downloaded the Watershot ® App, but the buttons on the phone don’t seem to line up with the Housing. How can I fix this?

      Answer: Please open your phone and go into your iPhone® Settings > Display & Brightness > and make sure your phone is in Standard mode not Zoom mode.  Zoom mode causes the buttons to change location on the screen.
      Question: I have downloaded the Watershot® App, but when I open the App the screen is just black. How can I fix this?

      Answer: Go into your iPhone® settings and click on Privacy, now click on Camera. Make sure the Watershot ®App has access to the Camera. Now check microphone, and Photos to make sure the Watershot® App has access to them as well. If that doesn't work, then go back to settings and scroll down to the Watershot app and click on it. Check to make sure the Watershot® App has access to Photos, Microphone, and Camera.
      Question: I have downloaded the Watershot App, but when I take a picture it doesn’t save, it just says saving and doesn’t go away. How can I fix this?

      Answer: Go into your iPhone® Settings and click on Privacy, now click on Photos. Make sure the Watershot® App has access to Photos. Now check microphone, and Camera to make sure the Watershot® App has access to them as well. If that doesn't work, then go back to settings and scroll down to the Watershot app and click on it. Check to make sure the Watershot® App has access to Photos, Microphone, and Camera.
      Question: I have downloaded the Watershot® App, but the button that is used to switch from picture to video does not line up with the Housing. How do I fix this?

      Answer: Open the Watershot® App, and click on the Watershot Logo in the corner. The Open Mode menu should open now. Click on Housing Type, and chose either the Standard Housing (5 buttons) or the Pro 6 Housing (6 buttons) based on the Watershot® Housing you are using.
      Question: I have a screen protector on my phone, do I need to remove this?

      Answer:  Yes. If you have a Screen Protector on your phone, it may or may not affect the capacitance of the buttons on your Housing. If you test it, and the buttons don’t seem to be working, you need to remove your Screen Protector. In fact Watershot® wants you to remove all 3rd party accessories, gadgets, covers and protectors. Naked iPhone plus the Watershot® PRO or SPLASH Housing equals success. 

      Question: I have the Watershot® Pro Housing with 6 buttons, can I use the Native Apple Camera App that comes on my iPhone?

      Answer: With the 6 button Pro Housing you can use the Apple Camera App that comes on your phone, and you will be able to switch between all of the different picture modes that are available.