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Watershot® Maintenance Kit for iPhone® 7 PRO Housing SOLD OUT


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Maintenance Kit includes spare main body seal, lens port seals, silicone lubricant, seal removal tool, and 3pcs spare conductive button tips for push buttons, 1pc tactile Home button tip and 3pcs silicone camera housing bumpers. Kit provides users with all the necessary components required to remove and replace the Watershot® for iPhone® 7 Housing seals. Keep all seals and sealing surfaces clean and in good working condition. Compatible with Watershot® for iPhone® 7 Housing.

  • Main Body Seal x 1pcs
  • Lens Port Seal x 2 pcs
  • Silicone Based Seal Lubricant  x 1 Tube
  • Non marring O-Ring Seal Removal Tool x 1pcs
  • Conductive Button Pad Tips x 3pcs
  • Tactile HOME Button Pad Tip x 1pc
  • Grey Silicone Camera Housing Bumpers x 3pcs
  • Packaged Clear Envelope L 8.0" x W 6.0" (20.32cm x 15.24cm) Weight 0.1lbs. 

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