Watershot PRO iP7 Kit: In-stock, available and shipping ... it's about time!

Just in time for the End of Summer 2017 but before the Labor Day Weekend we are pleased to announce that the Watershot PRO iP7 Kit is stocked and ready for immediate shipment. The Kit features both the Standard Lens Port and the new 0.35X Wide Angle Lens Port.

Beginning with Apple's iPhone 7 the Camera & Sensor changed which meant an unexpected and lengthy development cycle for designing, engineering and grinding 3 new glass elements, arranging them in 3 groups and machining new Lens Port Assemblies.

The result is a brand new 0.35X Wide Angle Lens Port that increases the iPhone 7 Camera Lens Field of View (FOV) to Horizontal: 122° x Diagonal :155°.

In the next several weeks we'll also be adding the Super Dome Lens Port with the same 0.35X  122° x 155° FOV optics .

"Better to deliver late than never."  

Thanks for your loyal patience,