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Watershot® WSBPG Set-Up Instructions V3.0


The Watershot® PRO ISR™ Bluetooth® Pistol Grip  has received final Bluetooth®, FCC and CE Certification. This critical testing was completed to provide customers with the best possible experience. Get a jump on how to set-up this exciting new addition to the Watershot® family of waterproof iPhone® imaging products by familiarizing yourself with our third draft of the Set-Up Procedures is listed below. 

Learn how to Pair your Apple iPhone® with your Watershot® PRO ISR™ Bluetooth® Pistol Grip. Easily manage and control Bluetooth® activation of  still and video water imaging at the tip of your finger.

  1. Activate the Watershot® PRO ISR™ Bluetooth® Pistol Grip by pressing the circular Black Activation Button on the right side of the Pistol Grip 3 times within 1 second for 1 Hour activation or press & hold the Black Activation Button 5 seconds for 4 Hour activation. This selection arms the Pistol Grip Trigger Button and keeps the Bluetooth® pairing active for either 1 Hour or 4 Hours after the last Trigger Button press. The Status LED indicator on the rear of the Pistol Grip will begin flashing YELLOW indicating that the Bluetooth® signal is broadcasting for pairing with your iPhone®.
  • If no pairing has occurred within approximately 1 minute the Bluetooth® Module will auto-shutoff. Pressing the Black Activation Button once will wake-up the Bluetooth® broadcasting signal and reinitialize it to the previously selected 1 Hour or 4 Hour activation time interval.
    1. On your iPhone® go to Settings > Bluetooth and place the Bluetooth® Slide Switch ON. Remain on this screen until you complete all of the steps to pair the Watershot ® Pistol Grip with your iPhone®.
    1. Place your iPhone® in discover mode and wait for Watershot® Pistol Grip to appear under OTHER DEVICES on your iPhone®. If you don’t see it under OTHER DEVICES or aren’t sure how to make it discover-able, check the instructions, FAQ and BLOG or reach out to us at www.watershot.com
    1. To pair the Watershot® PRO ISR™ Bluetooth® Pistol Grip tap Watershot® Pistol Grip when it appears under OTHER DEVICES  on your iPhone®. Watershot® Pistol Grip will move from OTHER DEVICES to MY DEVICES.
    1. Once successfully paired the Status LED indicator on the rear of the Pistol Grip will begin flashing BLUE.
    1. Exit Settings and go to Camera on your iPhone®.
    1. With the Native iPhone® Camera App open, confirm the Watershot® Pistol Grip pairing by momentarily pressing the Trigger Button on the Watershot® PRO ISR Bluetooth® Pistol Grip and take a single shot. LED Flashing BLUE changes to a single LED GREEN flash with each push of the Trigger Button.
    • Depending on which activation was selected in Step 1, If the Pistol Grip Trigger Button has not been used within approximately 1 Hour or 4 Hours after pairing, the Bluetooth® Module will auto-shutoff. Pressing the Black Activation Button will reinitialize the Bluetooth® signal and the Bluetooth® Module Trigger Button will automatically re-arm and re-pair with the iPhone® 
      1. For Burst Imaging push and hold the Trigger Button. Status LED Flashes GREEN continuously as long as the Trigger Button is pressed. Once the Trigger Button is released the LED Flashes BLUE continuously, Paired and Ready for Use.
      1. With VIDEO, SLO-MO or TIME LAPSE Mode selected to START and STOP Video Recording momentarily push the Trigger Button once. 
      • Record STARTsingle GREEN LED Flash and then the LED  Flashes BLUE continuously while Recording.
      • Record STOP  single GREEN LED Flash and then the LED  Flashes BLUE continuously, indicating Paired and Ready for Use.
      1. The CR2032 Coin-cell Battery located in the Bluetooth® Module of the Watershot® PRO ISR™ Bluetooth® Pistol Grip has an expected life of 60 hours continuous use or ~ 300,000 (Three-Hundred-Thousand) shots. Your actual battery life may vary depending on temperature, storage, maintenance and use. The CR2032 Coin-Cell Battery is commonly found in numerous battery operated devices and is readily available for purchase worldwide
      1. The CR2032 Coin-cell Battery can be easily replaced by following the instructions in the User Guide.
      1. Watershot also has complete Bluetooth® Module Service Kits available as a replacement at www.watershot.com under the Maintenance Tab.
      1. When mated directly to the Watershot® PRO or SPLASH Camera Housing, Bluetooth® pairing will function underwater to the Pistol Grips full depth rating of 10m/35ft* (Watershot® PRO Camera Housings are rated to 60m/195ft and Watershot® SPLASH Camera Housings are rated to 10m/33ft). *Actual performance may vary based on actual aquatic environmental conditions.
      1. The LED Status Light displays four Colors:
        1. Flashing YELLOW – Activated
        2. Flashing BLUE – Paired and Ready for Use (or RECORDING)
        3. Flashing GREEN – Trigger Button Pressed
        4. Flashing RED – Low Power < 30 minutes remaining

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