Watershot is now shipping from Coronado, California.

Watershot® 2018 Summer-Sunset Labor Day Sales Event Pricing

Some of you are asking about the $99.00 pricing on the landing page for the Watershot® PRO iP7 PLUS Dual Lens Camera Housing Collection. The software displays the lowest listed price $99.00 on the Collections Page.

The price range for Watershot® PRO iP7 PLUS Dual Lens Camera Housing is $99.00 - $129.00 based on the Color Inventory.

Watershot® PRO iP7 PLUS Dual Lens OCTOPUS INK, SNORKEL BLUE and LIMPET SHELL are $99.00 each

Watershot® PRO iP7 PLUS Dual Lens SUNFISH YELLOW, GARIBALDI and RED SNAPPER are $129.00 each.

When you click on the particular color you want you see the actual sale price.

Thanks to all of your for your emails and calls. We will also post this to the FAQ page.

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