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Anthony's Guide for better imaging In-Air with a Wet-Lens

If you're using any of the Watershot® PRO 0.35X Super Domes try these steps from Anthony for a 'Spotless, Wet-Lens' imaging experience. 


  1. With a Super Dome on a sealed and closed Camera Housing run warm water.
  2. Put a few drops of dish-washing liquid, such as DAWN on the Dome Port.
  3. Using your finger tips, under the running warm water, gently massage the dish-washing liquid onto the Dome Port to remove any surface contamination.
  4. After washed and thoroughly rinsed, pat dry the Super Dome with a clean cotton cloth (DO NOT use a circular polishing movement to dry the Dome Port).  
  5.  After the Super Dome is washed and dried you want to spit on the surface of the Port to get some saliva on it. Using only your fingertips, spread the saliva so it completely covers the surface of the Super Dome.
  6. Place the rig in a hot dry location and allow the saliva to bake dry.  
  7. Exercise extreme caution if you are exposing the Dome Port, Camera Housing and iPhone® to direct sunlight. Temperatures can rise rapidly inside a closed Camera Housing and cause damage to the Camera Housing materials and the iPhone® .
  8. Dome Port images are shot wet, meaning there is a thin layer of water on the surface of the Dome Port that you shoot through which allows spotless, streak free imaging.
  9. When you initially enter the water you may need to lick the surface of the Dome Port, after it's dunked half-a-dozen times, to smooth over any saliva that may have dried a bit unevenly. You're now ready for imaging with a wet lens, in air, while in the water.

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