Watershot® 2019 Ease into Summer Sale

*COMPATIBLE WITH iPhone® 8 / iPhone® 8 Plus*

One of our customers pointed out to us that while we mentioned that the Watershot® PRO iP7 and iP7 Plus were compatible with the Apple iPhone® 8 and 8 Plus, in the BLOG and FAQ ,  that this critical information wasn't included in the Product Landing Pages and may be confusing for our customers.

This customers thoughtful email prompted us to add an additional description to the Product Landing Pages and the FEATURES Tab for Watershot®  PRO iP7 and Watershot®  PRO iP7 Plus.  This critical compatibility information is now included on both the non-KIT and the KIT version for each model and color of Watershot®  PRO iP7 and iP7 Plus Camera Housing.

  • (ALSO COMPATIBLE WITH iPhone® 8 Plus)

Our Customers are one of our company's most valuable assets.


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