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Switching between 28mm / 56mm with the Watershot® PRO iP7 Plus Dual-Lens Housing

Customers exploring their Watershot® PRO iP7 Plus Dual Lens Camera Housings are asking how to switch between the 28mm and 56mm iPhone® Lenses in the water.

On the Menu Bar you should have the Watershot® App in one corner and the Apple Camera App in the opposite corner. With the native Apple iPhone® Camera App open and the Standard Lens Port on the Watershot® PRO iP7 Plus Dual-Lens Housing you can use Button 5 to toggle between the 28mm Camera Lens (1X) and the 56mm Camera Lens (2X) on the iPhone® 7 Plus. This only works with the Apple Camera App and the Standard Lens Port. NOTE: When using the either new 0.35X Wide Angle Lens Port or Super Dome Lens Port you must have 1X (28mm) selected on the iPhone®. 

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