Lost in the Ocean

From: Carignane von Pohle 
Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2016 10:19 AM
To: dev@watershot.com
Subject: Product Testimonial


To Whom It May Concern:

I wanted to share a testimonial about how great your products are! It’s a pretty amazing story. 

A couple weeks ago my wife received a voicemail. The message was simple: I think I found your phone. A kind stranger returning a lost phone is a great story, but what makes the story almost unbelievable was that the message was received over a year after the phone had been lost in the ocean.

In April 2015 I visited Pacific Beach, California with family. Our plan was to spend the day at the beach and do a little surfing. My wife, a novice surfer, was out in the water towards the end of the day and I decided to get some videos of her surfing using my iPhone 5 inside a Watershot Housing. As a perfect wave rolled in, I decided to give her a little push just to make sure she caught the wave. In an instant, her leash wrapped around the housing and ripped it off my wrist. That was it. In the whitewater near the shore visibility was zero. We spent the next half hour searching the beach and shore break but were unable to find the phone and housing. 

On the way home that night I used Apple’s Find My Phone feature and shard my wife’s phone number in hopes that, if someone found my device, they would be able to reach me. 

A year passed with nothing. Then, my wife received the message. Apparently, the phone had been found by a tourist a couple months ago—April 2016—in the kelp and tide-pool area at the Northern end of Pacific Beach. The tourist had approached a surfer and asked if he knew what to do with it. He took it from the woman and, after going home and plugging it in, was able to turn the phone on and see my wife’s phone number pop up. She called me when she got the message and said, “Are you sitting down?”. She gave me the man's number and I hurriedly called. I was able to reach him and recounted how blown away I was that he found the phone and housing, and, even more in shock that both were still intact. He took my address and a few days later the housing and phone arrived by mail.

I opened the box and was shocked and delighted to see that the Watershot Housing, save for some scratches and wear, was completely intact. What’s more, the phone inside was completely untouched by sand or water. I plugged it in, updated the software, and the next day took it to the Verizon store where they were able to activate it.

All that to say, your product was better than advertised! I am still somewhat in shock that the housing and iPhone spent about a year in the ocean and came out completely intact. It’s an impressive testament to the durability and quality of your product and a story that I felt needed to be shared with you. I was a fan of your products before, but now I am a dedicated devotee!

Thank you again and I look forward to continuing to use your great products!




Carignane von Pohle
Redlands, California