Music Video Filmed Exclusively on iPhone Using Watershot® PRO Housing

Our new friend and very talented filmmaker Sven Dreesbach recently teamed up with Robot Koch & Delhia de France to create a music video for their acclaimed song ‘Dark Waves.’ The full story is contained in ResourceMagOnline - (excerpts are below).

What was amazing was that Sven filmed the entire video on iPhone. Or maybe not so amazing. “Two of the main reasons for choosing the iPhone over other cameras was its ease of use and flexibility. I was looking for a way to create images in the water that would slow down time to a level that would contribute to the dreamy and mysterious tone,” Sven said. “The new iPhones were simply a great option in regards to shooting slow motion in 1080p. This feature improved a lot compared to earlier iPhones. It’s just amazing to see this happening inside your smart phone, thinking about how a feature like 120 fps in 1080p just wasn’t available to consumer cameras at all not long ago."

With many of Sven's shots taken in the water, he needed specialized equipment. “For the shots inside the water we used the latest underwater housing from Watershot.... the San Diego based company was kind enough to provide us with the latest production model of their housings. They are the only professional option in this category and worth a shot for anyone who wants to shoot action inside the water.” High praise indeed!

Please see the following YouTube link for the video -