Watershot PRO iP7 Plus Dual - Lens Update - "A Hero's Journey"

Apple's iPhone® 7 Plus presented Watershot® with some unique optical challenges and the inevitable production delays.

We wanted to meet our customers expectations to get the same imaging experience in and out of the water. That meant not only three new lens ports (the iPhone® 7 and 7 Plus camera optics changed) but new groups of glass optics and an index mechanism to keep the Camera Housing Lens perfectly aligned with the iPhone® 7 Plus Camera Lens.

We now have three new Optical Quality Glass interchangeable Lens Ports. 1. Standard Lens Port that allows customers to use either of the native Apple iPhone® 7 Plus, 28 mm or 56 mm equivalent focal length, camera lenses.  2. Wide Angle Lens Port with 0.35X Magnification that increases the Field of View to Horizontal: 122° / Diagonal :155°. 3. Super Dome Port with 0.35X Magnification that allows for even greater "Above & Below" creativity.

Watershot PRO iP7 Plus is finally in the pre-production Tooling Samples phase and will be available in 6 Trim Colors: Limpet Shell, Garibaldi, Sunfish, Snorkel Blue, Octopus Ink and Red Snapper.

Thanks for patiently waiting,